Saturday, November 22, 2014


Look, my dear… I’ve sent the Sun to sleep tonight, after all she’s my friend. Right there above us, I’ve prepared all of these stars to shine, because the calling is only one. Hear it, the Moon will sing for us tonight, she will eavesdrop our whispers;)

Can’t you see, my sweet…? I’ve warmed the world for just the two of us, the core is restless only for us. Smell it, I’ve enchanted all people with such a seductive charm, they remain drunk with tender pleasures. I’ve managed to gather the ocean to entertain us, you know… until lips turn blue. Here, I brought the forest to enlighten us, let her show us the path. I carry the enchanting fairies in my hat, let’s allow them to create our dreams. There is the fast spring to refresh us, I’ve created it drop by drop;)

Welcome, my lovely… I’ve gathered some clouds, made a soft bedding out of them;)

Prepared world, from a still beating heart. And do you know…?

Come, my love…

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