Saturday, May 30, 2015

To feel just to feel

Right now… weird attractions come to rise, perverting any residual trace of common sense.

Words become irrelevant, undesirable… only feelings remain to stand tall without any need for interpretation. A mixture of notes echoing and quaking the entire region that is me. To feel just to feel, and nothing less.

I soar into the heights of my youth deliberately deleting into oblivion every single thought able to be transformed into articulate speech. I leave the mists of any form of abstract thinking to kiss the shadows of remembrance, letting it all to shrink into a pale dot aiming toward invisibility. Forgiven and forced into a closed loop, in there thought can only have dominion upon itself, trapped into an endemic region where it can freely thrive and remain in its essence what it really is... an unwanted distraction!

Occupied with draft in the head and with a heart full of smiles, I know that life is an open system, resistant to entropy, pretty much simple and easily likeable.

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