Sunday, August 16, 2015

How the tables are turned;)

A faithful commandment carved out of your will and desire, so I humbly obey. Just like the heart obeys all wishes of the soul, like waves manifest daydreaming of the deep sea, like the wind listens dreams of the forest, like the Sun kisses the sky. I humbly obey…

So I do what I got to do for queen and country, and I become that privileged troublemaker with a sweet smile on the face and a soul always roaming free. Wrapped in an ancient corruption, this soul is efficient only in perversion – nasty and dirty in her making. And I emerge to be the most essential part of your will and desire. An entire world in your midst, right there, where warm in wet is designed – so you humbly obey.

My my, how the tables are turned;)

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