Thursday, August 20, 2015

The glue keeping me together

Constant uplifting sensations beneath the skin… shivers, trembles, shakes, quakes… it’s obvious that something’s cooking inside, reaching high point – screaming to get out. What a thrill, leaving me in symptoms – breathless!

A full rediscovery of feelings, new and fairer meaning of the phrase “hot as hell”; and in its totality of splendor, I succumb and let myself go with that flow. In the entire district of myself, I stand on the rise, eagerly on alert to hear the sound of the gun, so that I can start my furious sprint. 

There, in that run, when the speed takes hold of me, when I reach the limits of the body, when muscles should tear apart in spasms and bones break like they’re nothing – I don’t fall apart, because the only glue keeping me together is that woman… so, I run faster!

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