Sunday, October 18, 2015


It’s inevitable consequence gained from our curiosity, we flood ourselves in things bigger than us, whether it’s: some surreal financial construction, or alluring sculpted figure of a woman, sometimes it’s a realization of a critical professional moment, or a beginning of a proletariat of some sort – usually it’s a combination of many things, vivid and tempting, translating themselves within themselves, creating a unique model of life for each individual out there. And we push ourselves, accelerating the percussion of the moment, testing the limits… and remarkably, the coupling withstands everything and anything. It’s the way we’re forged, sometimes we become more, sometimes we diminish. With each and every gain, we lose something else. We’re merchants of life, without even knowing.

Nonetheless, we gamble because we want to win. We know that reasons matter, even though the concept of causality is not always correctly applicable when it comes to us, because we’re capable to twist reality and achieve a paradox of existence by creating model of life where consequences precede reasons.

Whatever it is, whatever comes… it’s most welcome!

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