Sunday, October 11, 2015

No tears, only battle for long lost fears

Desperately seeking under his bed, trying to find traces of long lost parts of himself – his fears, yearning to bring them back. He has lost them somewhere on this long winding road, and now when they’re multiplied with nothing, existing only in a mathematical region… he’s starting to miss them. Since he’s freed himself of fears, he’s got nothing to lose anymore. A tall man without fears and having nothing to lose becomes a threat, for he’s more dangerous than ever before. And there's no tears, only battle for his long lost fears...

In a perpetual fight and martyrdom he’s fixing his broken self, a futile attempt to achieve only good and better, craving to rebuild gears of invisible clocks ticking in some parallel perception. Knowing that surviving is never enough, ideals come back pumping fresh blood full with oxygen in a burnt to a crisp soul. 

Refreshed and restored, only in the times when he found his ways…

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