Thursday, October 8, 2015

When dreams build our future

Changes impact destiny with such ferocity, leaving us speechless. Identity is reshaped into some form of multi phased state, when the space between us fits in a blink of an eye. Now cognition is changed, time is no longer linear, it’s not a constant anymore. Long lost dormant senses are now awaken, uncovering new plains and miraculous perspectives. We exist in an interesting time in which sacrifices are not measured in quantity, or wounds in numbers. Perspectives are changing with the speed of thought, and we live thousand years in one. Time does no longer frighten us, we’re not afraid.

Crippled in a form of tall highlanders, we float, elevated by mysterious forces. We’ve lost our eye sight, since we look only with our hearts, and out there we meet an enchanting surreal reality beyond comprehension. The horizon is getting closer to us, we’re shifted into many places at once, living unknown times in parallel dimensions. Trying to sleep, because we know that dreams build our future…

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