Sunday, December 27, 2015

2016, it beckons!

Irrational agents in the vicinity, they’re self priming, entering freely, implanting themselves as a sub dermal tissue, creating only drama. No block for vices, nice and thick pollution, highly appreciated state of who I am. Crescendo of warmth defying these scents of cold air aiming to overpower me by default, right now… when autumn is the new winter.

Eruption of information, and now there’s something more… objective niche of countless events seducing me, processes creating stronghold of ideas. Ideas transcending fiction; they gain shape becoming miracles of existence. A concept which defines progress.

And this grown up lives a fairytale without knowing about it, beyond its threshold there’s no escape from it. Fairytales are designed to engulf with charms, they lure and rule reality… eventually.

Another long night with many things to do... if there’s any luck left, we’ll see some snow soon... 2016, it beckons!

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