Saturday, December 12, 2015

Kite in the middle of the storm

Coalitions are forming, new united efforts to overthrow this thick pollution in the mind. Voices hollering of pressing matters, calling for insurgence, threatening to bring to justice any form of common sense; apparently, a single trace of creativity is unwanted, creativity is proclaimed as sedition to the united states of me. I should be ignorant and treacherous to myself… at times, I really wish I were.

The gain is the lot, and as we speak information is erupting transforming into possibilities, merging with time creating alternate perceptions. Uncountable numbers need to be taken into account, now there’s a lot more to bargain. Guessing is not welcome, precision and urgency are required. All senses sharpen in an instant occult seduction, reaction is formed with an alchemist imagination… a shadow stands long, and not only because it’s winter out there.

That kite in the middle of the storm… you can’t judge him why he’s there!

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