Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Beginning of who we are

Caged by your love, I live one breath at the time, chasing for some sort of balance, but hardly ever finding any. Your absence tortures me, reality gets deeply broken with such ferocity that my very fabric gets destroyed. And when I go to bed with someone other than you, I live through cycles, contracting and exploding, so that I can contract once more and leave. River of women can’t replace the scent of your shadow…

My conscience is there, plotting to annihilate me, cursing me. I become a pale version of myself, an unknown word, a word mentioned nowhere before... and my thoughts get really loud with lots of static, like radio.

In such naked loneliness I meet the beginning of who I am… in this game of life we’re designed to break the symmetry of the board, both of us winning… there’s only you and me, and the beginning of who we are.