Saturday, August 13, 2016


Cruising behind the wheel these empty streets in the dark of another nameless night. I let this entire surrounding pitch black to enter the slowly moving vehicle, I let it all in… a shadow rider, chasing my inner darkness. Here, on the city asphalt, summer heat is so intense, it mixes tenses. This hot air is cutting my chromosomes on a large scale, and there is only loud confusion left, expanding noise from the centre of the mind all the way to unknown edges. This leather seat is my throne, and I claim rule on that void between me and any unrevealed destination hiding in front of me, expecting my arrival… the wild one, a man – machine…

The chase is on… I push the pedal, tires screech in rapid quickening, beast roars under the pressure of fast gear shifting, when high octane gasoline is my new blood, speed in me… in this game of chance, when the speed takes hold of me, I am the pawn, expendable by nature, so I choose deliberately to defy fruits of evolution – I burn.

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