Friday, May 19, 2017

Beauty and the Beast (Back to Black Edition)

It was her eyes that attracted me the most, huge green with a tad of brownish in them, almond like... I loved them, the way they looked at things, the way they looked at me. And every time she blinked her pretty long curved eyelashes, it was like a moment stretched in time, a moment meant to be savored, a moment without an end, only a beginning. Oh my, all that purity in essence wrapped in such a petite body, so fragile, so clean, so very good... always kept safe and secure, never in harms way, as if she was some desired secret left untold… beauty unspoken, untouched. Twenty – twenty something years of her youth, and she is that universal object of perpetual adoration… oh my, a young woman meant to be flavored, such a gift for me!

And I’m left completely disarmed, who wouldn’t be… but, I’m not speechless, I’m not voiceless, hardly incapable of reacting to such a marvel in front of me. If I’d believe in blessings, in that moment I’d definitely say that I’m blessed, but that shit don’t work for me, religion has forsaken me from her charms a very long time ago. That warmth inside me, it was something else... it was that deranged behavior of my wicked intentions, all of them perverted; a profound savage craving in the conviction of my full darkness in the depths of me. She wanted to feel something other than divinity and life in privilege, it was her calling of all my devils to enter her purity only to feel completely surrounded by them, by me. Every mistake she skipped to make all those years of her youth, and here come I, sinking her into the custom regions of my depravity… sleepless occult malice that I am. There’s no running away from this, she has already made her peace with her decision, so I take my time, no rush to open the beginning of that new moment, a moment that will never stop… then, when these blue eyes turned back to black.

There’s always depth of emotions when two worlds collide, a piece of destiny shaping with an unknown result…

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