Thursday, May 25, 2017

In an age when we lost our ways

Something was trying to rise from my depths to the surface, a strong force in an unstoppable endeavor to push forward its way to the truth and reality… a distant memory, a story that stirs things in me, feelings, love felt long ago…

In that age when the world has lost its values weakened by the depravity of our darkness, when people still believed in deities; the two of us were enchanted by the sounds of our flute song, high notes filled with magic for a fairytale, a story that echoed in loud deafening music as long as we were together, side by side, awake or asleep… a song that belonged only to the two of us, it began right there on the ground, where we both danced drunk from each other, and echoed across the skies of blue, where our angels made delicious love. The single truth we knew was that we existed, I for her, and she for me... beyond sacrifice or pain, beyond regret, destroying that trinity and creating a guaranteed belief in the future – our deepest love.

I looked at her clearly as if there was no air between us. She was a sight for my sore eyes, alluring and exceptional, as she was. Her smile transcended the beauty of her soul, overtly telling hidden stories about the nobilities of her inner radiance, all of them releasing themselves freely from every pore of her skin, creating a scent with an esoteric will to enchant every cell of me. A female with such beauty, that only a single one of her angelic kind should exist at any given time, because the balance of nature would be disrupted, for she represented a counterweight to everything that was foul. That kind of woman had her eyes set on me…

In that age I remained an angel belonging to another angel, enjoying her to her smallest bits with the childish purity of my boyish charms, without scruples giving my panache in return… and when she left, in that single moment when I lost her, for reasons so obvious to me, my most darling innocence vanished with her. And from those ruins which remained, I had become something else, something occult – an angel with a dirty face.

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