Sunday, May 28, 2017

None of us will be the same anymore

I thought I have a sight, I thought I can see, and then I met you only to find myself completely lost in my own ignorance and confusion. You are not just a surprise, you own the potential to mark my existence, to alter this reality I live in. I can see your intentions on your face, I’m written in your smile with satisfaction and joy. And when your scent is the first thing I smell in the morning, that heart beat before I open my eyes, so that the next heart beat I can see you dreaming in my arms… this gives me strength every morning to walk through the cruelty of every day because I’m here, wrapped in my skin, and you’re somewhere else. My days are spent in waiting, my hell is not having you. And in the nights you return, you come back to me, and this life starts to have a meaning all over again, living is when I’m in bed with you.

It is the same ritual every night, just like this one… I always fall into sleep after you, I’m in thrills admiring your beauty every time before I go to sleep – it is the only way I can dream about you in the depths of the night. Both of our worlds are gathered within the radius of the circle that is this bed. Symmetrical in the consistency of style and character, harmonious in the body language, we’re both a collection of pieces creating single complex entity, our systematical unity.

I don’t know if you understand, but none of us will be the same anymore.


  1. love the post, I have enjoyed reading it

  2. i thought it fantastic libidinally speaking possibly after a long enough joyful lock to relect for a partner that s(he0 is actually a fool & truthfully divulged raw the tacit folly:
    'And I’m that fool who fails to think of, but I don’t need to… in parts, I’m her'.
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