Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Man

          We arise from darkness, our origin is that of savagery and ignorance. Our souls are born in flames and they used to be all black. We know all the wild life, since we were most of the animals we perceive. We are consumers down to our smallest fractions, and we have been this since our darkest beginnings. In the aftermath of our creation we've come to realize that we have large brain capacity, and we've decided not to act like reptiles anymore. We've also realized that our strength exceeds by far the fragility of a single string of grass. Our potential lied undreamed before us, and with this thought came along the dawn of our kind. And since then, more than 2 million years have past…

          We've come a long way, yet it is not fatigue that we feel. On the contrary, we yearn for more; we are guided by our curiosity through the rivers of time. We've done so much for ourselves, evolution has been so kind to us. The brain patterns became more self aware, they gave birth to our consciousness. Thoughts are now more complex than ever. Our feelings blue or bright made us complete. The past we've lived through is a gentle reminder of our negative potentials, and a guide toward our bright positive future. We've overcome serious temptations which threatened our very existence in this time line. We build equilibrium between our duality in nature, all faults and nobilities we posses; thus finding the definition of our centre, our humanity. And who we truly are and where we’re headed, has always depended on our ability to dream, or even better, the ability to expedite dreams into reality. Knowledge and wisdom come from: creativity, imagination and magic. Human soul thrives in liberty and freedom, it is not a region of conquest or enslavement.

          In Natura Principia you can find man.

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