Saturday, November 16, 2013


Days when attention is confused, the consciousness has drifted away quite considerably, the body howls in exhaustion, and the entity privileged because it watches and cares… this is the life of a man.

There is love for existence, desire for time, longing for an eternity…

The ego orbits in insomnia, and fatigue serves as a basic drive; sad sound of yellow nausea lingers at the horizon, because of the enchantment to live all the fairytales at once.

Tender as the scents of which I’ve arisen, irreversibly I scatter in the environment which had created me. Strong as the ferocious flames of the planet, I leave a feeling of my presence everywhere I appear, because the spirit is vast and untamable, and the boundaries of the body are just physical. I’m not allowed to speak, for the darkness I touch is turned into light.

Unknown forces had enchanted me, and the sights which overwhelm me as much as an entire infinity glare all around with incredible passion. I AM the grand protector and the wall against evil in my domain! Because I give my life for all, but never for me. Because men have thought me how to be man. Awake and thirsty for all perception, humanity grows inside me. I tend to grow…

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