Friday, December 20, 2013

Power of Identification

Human ability to hunt for dreams and input them into reality... to know that edges of infinity can be found in the smallest grain of sand, and to experience the eternity of a lifetime in a single heartbeat. Though I live the peaks of my darkest midnight I yearn for the light of dawn. All that which remains of what I am is the longing for my mountain. In this cursed existence, beneath this lake of desperate sorrow, at the very bottom of my being, only the feeling of naked love can be found in its true shape, a most innocent form. This depth serves as my foundation, a basic drive to which I turn when all other senses fade into memory. Thus opening possibilities for a new awakening, a complete restoration of faith. Something like a fresh dream, dreamed in embraces of another, an ancient one.
Each love carries within itself deep sense of tragic, but this is the least reason why not to love. And the pleasure of every man who knows of true fortune and happiness is to offer himself most sincerely in exchange for just one moment, to sacrifice all of the years of his long life, for a smile of a beautiful woman. This man’s capability of such tender enchantment which guides his soul not to count, but to feel enjoyment as hours pass by.
For love, which I hold most dear in my very depths, brings to light the power of identification, and yet again it defines my art of living. And the value of my existence, the basic meaning of my lifeline, depends on my ability to love. For I am never lost…


  1. Humans do imput a heck of allot of dreams into reality!
    But, with their imense love and gain, their much wide ideas and plans... Their endless of reaches to be achieved, their pleasures and enjoyments and lusts and enchanted realms of constant evolution and progress of their sensational experiences...
    They miss completey that there are other beings, each with their own share of dreams...
    Humans are too self-centered in order to see, how the break the hearts of the rest of earth's "we".

    1. I completely agree... There hasn't been anything more narcissistic than humanity since the origins of creation:)
      But tell me... what is love? Is it just a feeling with a tendency for sexual athletics? Or is it a complex gathering of many parts, like: kindness, sharing, tolerance, understanding, unconditional support, empathy, self-sacrifice, inter-human comfort... and of course tendency for sexual athletics:)
      Constant individualization and overwhelming narcissistic behavior brings only self-isolation, and this leads towards regression, from humanity into something lesser. On this thought please refer to one of my previous posts
      Thank you for your insight, looking forward to your response:)

  2. Love, in my opinion, is a multilayer concept invented for homo sapience in order to justify and forge our reproductive functions. By increasing intelligence and gap between animals and humans, people needed some justification for sexual encounters, when Church in Middle ages, due to plagues and spread of STDs, declared sex as a sin. By the way, the shame for earthy urges like sex engraved deep into the brain core of every person and transfers with DNA to next generations. Still today the topic of sex causes unease in many societies. But introducing LOVE concept makes everything simple – it gives license for sex.
    From physical and emotional point of view we call our temporary mental dysfunction “Love” to justify our inadequate actions. You would agree that once you fall in love your personality changes! It’s like your brain takes over your body and makes you behave differently in order to make impression on a chosen partner and fulfill your reproduction function. Brain temporally hazes the reality from you and you stop seeing vices in your object of attraction. Everything about that “special person” makes you happy. You like the smell, taste and touch of her, but that’s just smart brain adjustment to your tastes. Your heart helps brain in pumping blood and transferring all needed chemicals to the right parts of your body with just one goal- to have sex. And that’s where LOVE comes in. You justify your physical attraction and emotional involvement with the person as LOVE! But at the end, when goal is reached and you had your portion of sex Love disappears, and brain shows you the real picture, you either like it and accept it and take it in your sober state, or you leave!
    So to answer your question what love is- it’s a complex psychological and physical functions that drive our reproductive system- basically sexual activity)

  3. Marina, such a thorough insight you made there, thanks:) About the manner how a man should love a woman (according to what I've learned so far), I wrote in that blog named "Love"...
    I'm not sure that love has anything to do with sex, because in most cases I've had sex with partners I didn't love (just felt them most dear), and yes that is a biological need (not only for reproduction, but more like for pleasure and satisfaction). I agree that sex is far better when a connection is made, call it love if you will:) And yes, scientifically speaking that connection is chemical; it's created by stimulating dozens of hormones... but this is not a feeling strictly connected to humanity, because in observing animal behavior (mostly from the Mammalia class) it's been concluded that they do feel love, and that they do own some concept of consciousness:) Love is a state of the soul, not just the mind:)
    To quote that french poet Musset
    "Life is a deep sleep
    of which love is the dream"

  4. Hmmm...this has stirred up the stew that's been simmering within for over the past year. I have so many thoughts on this topic, having experienced two extremes of relationship: a long marriage (16 years) filled with disconnected sex (but bringing to life 4 children) and a deeply intense connection with another left undefined and lingering somewhere between always and never.

    I feel the urge to journal...thanks. :)

    1. Audrey, it seems stories lie inside you, the lot of them;) Thank you for sharing, sincerely thanks:)
      ... and thanks for reading!

    2. Yes, an entire lot of them reside within, still. I usually give them a voice, once I find one that feels most close to the truth of my deepest feelings and understandings. That can take a while. I try not to rush the process...

      Sharing brings me joy and reminds me that I'm alive. ;)

      I appreciate you taking the time to write and share so many of your own stories. They have proven stimulating. So, thank you, Dejan! :)

  5. Quite the controversial story! I would sympathize with you on this one. I too have had a love that burned so immensely I'm still smoldering from it.I used to be confident of its whereabouts but now I'm not so sure and that space of unidentified existence is painful. True love not just common love but true love only comes in its natural untainted state but once in a lifetime. I have learned through time that one must seize the moment , because its unlikely that the moment of truth will be the unhappiness that is filled in the deep caverns of the soul where this love was trying to be. Thank you for telling your story may it help all of those who read it

    1. In my experience, true love is everywhere if we have the ability to love... to my great joy, it happened more than once for me:)