Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The spring of my heart

… and all this sensibility which is rushing all around triggers this bloom. You see my dears spring is not just a season, a nature’s cycle of rebirth, triumph over decay… spring is most alluring, it’s seductive in the very sense; it makes me bite my lip from pleasure.

Spring springs from our depths, it’s a source of the youth within; a state of the soul or a mind concept. The body can’t contain this boiling blood and the mind is far too small to keep those wicked thoughts at bay, it’s time to burst in satisfaction. Closest form of ecstasy; some might consider that the true cause for spring is not the sun; it’s these vibes we enjoy so much, this inner radiance we possess. I’d like to think so…

So I don’t concern why I treasure my everlasting spring so dear to my heart, I just enjoy this conformity with people and nature!

… and be so gentle to allow me to share it with You