Thursday, April 24, 2014

Girls and Boys

Something is stirring in the background of this world, a premonition of a condition locked up deep beneath us, in our cores. Something which can’t be named since it’s eerie, a feeling almost forgotten, a domain where joy and compassion are fully extinct. An oath left to us as a troublesome burden – our savagery.

Do we have to accept the world that is not given to us in legacy, but in debt? Why not subject it to change, by imposing alteration of our individual nature and presenting ourselves into timeless collectives resilient to the destructive force of the rust which leads the entire civilization into drain pipes? Do we open our eyes frequently, or do we just blink autonomously?

We all live on Earth, this is our secret cove, our static playground spinning in circles. We had tasted reality which had arisen from the depth of our home world’s graces. Within its safekeeping we have awakened our consciousness. Down here on the ground we’ve formed our dreams for the heavens, only to realize that everything is made out of that same soft silky fiber of which dreams are made. In here we’ve enjoyed our restless past, we live our turbulent now… only here we chase the possibilities of a certain undreamed future. Humans are temporal beings, we’re all time travelers. We are an inevitable consequence of ourselves.

Space had created the planet we stand on, time had created us… and altogether in this holy trinity we drift pensive as one, as a single entity. All this sensibility is rushing, not only because it’s season of bloom; our nature is most seductive, alluring at best. Full with enchanting virtues we understand now, that only through unconditional love for each other we can treasure our hearts as forever young. So what can we do but stand tall… us boys for you sweet mignonettes;)

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