Friday, April 11, 2014

Shine in a cloudy day

I’m thinking on the build up in today’s world, it brings heavy thoughts troubling my psyche oh so darkly (I know, it’s an oxymoron because I’m blonde); but everyday is such a gorgeous day, so I disregard any obsession with this global tension and threats of loosing ourselves most profoundly.

I elevate myself in the heights, those silent regions of my soul; and there I remember of all thoughts and urges which lay asleep somewhere deep under my skin, in the very elemental parts of me, the beauty of a human depth. Without any electronic assistance, subliminal media messages or any other help of anything which can be named sentient or prudent, I let myself go in the high atmosphere of secrets. A region of weird glassy thoughts, they reflect and never absorb; as if they’re alive and attempt to protect themselves from something: maybe from oblivion, possibly from extinction or maybe from existence.

And once again it’s simple… suddenly I break hard in this black devil car of mine. This personal race with myself to reach the next meeting in time is at stand still. I roam the industrial areas in the city trying to forget my technocratic pretension to eradicate the rust of the old city. I separate my view away from the urban asphalt and I totally forget my capitalistic urge for creating paper.

I look up in the cloudy sky so that I could present to that distant cloud a name, because it resembles in my imagination as…

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