Friday, May 9, 2014

La vue d'amour... c'est une histoire sans fin

Some feelings border with urge, a sort of primal state of consciousness, and as such they represent the most intense part of us. All of them are so seductive in their essence, they are simply calling us to let go ourselves to them with ease. But, spending time in sorrow and pain is such a cursed existence; hence our mechanisms strive to compensate them into invisible impossibility.

However, there exists one single feeling, beyond all other feelings, above all other, uniting them into one. This feeling stands before logic or reason, beyond need or any other essential life necessity. A feeling for which some of us are prepared to burn, to put everything and anything in the line of fire. It’s the only kind of gamble where the stake is the soul, the most precious of our possessions. It keeps us on the edge of ourselves, you see my dear, this feeling brings to light the power of identification for people like us. This feeling also known as love ;)

When I have met you, my fair haired goddess, all my ships have returned from their wondering out there in the stormy seas. I wanted to burn in flames all bridges which connect us, so that we could become as one. Without you I am but a lonely orphan, a naked rock on the faraway hill cried upon by the never ending rain. Without you I am fable wind in the sad desert, an old stone at the bottom of the sea.

However, you have my utter respect, admiration and complete devotion. I am in your debt, just for allowing me the possibility to know you. And for that I am profoundly touched and deeply flattered. I understand that you need to do what you need to do, I understand that…

I will be here, standing tall forever, hoping, craving, yearning; only for you. So that you could enter my life and stay here until the edges of the Earth, because the heart is in need to be surrounded and treasured only by you!


  1. Such lovely prose that you write for your goddess, whomever that goddess is...

  2. the highest probe of a love prose! never read anything so deep and touching! it would definitely win my heart!

  3. Thanks Marina, you're most kind! I know there are plenty other pieces so much better than this:)

    1. it's not my kindness, it's your talent! and please, name a piece that would be better than this one? I've read so many books, but I don't remember re-reading something over and over again, as I did with this one!

    2. Marina, you overwhelm me, thank you most kindly:)
      I myself could read thousands of times that Merchant of Venice by Bill Shakespeare (that's just a beautiful love story:) Tagore had written several wonderful poems, there is this french poet Musset also... Murakami is a more contemporary lover describing emotions with brilliant lyrics... who else... oh, there is this beautiful book by Maxence Fermine called "Snow", "Silk" by Alessandro Baricco, a little dark but lovely "Tunnel" by Ernesto Sabato...
      so many beautiful lyrical romantic poets, they all taught me how to express myself to a woman:) I tend to learn, when it comes to women I still do ;)

    3. Interesting, neither Shakespeare nor Murakami caught me the way your prose did! I'll read others you named! but so far you are my favorite writer when it comes to prose) if you'll ever publish your work let me know, I'll buy it!

    4. Please, stop it... you're making me blush :) I can never write as well as Murakami:)
      So difficult to find people who treasure a good book and a fine read, compliments Marina:)

    5. blush? guys can blush?:) that's the rare thing these days)))
      the last comment: world doesn't need second Murakami, world needs talented writers, who write about love in a fresh and comprehensible way!

    6. There are always fresh new ways to describe love, since the very concept of love is always evolving as we evolve:) Oh, and the subject is inexhaustible...