Monday, June 16, 2014

The Middle Earth

Succeeding the fall of the West Roman Empire, most of the continent of Europe had fallen in the Dark Ages. After the prosperous reign of many centuries, with its demise The Roman Empire brought many centuries of darkness. This is the natural order of things, and since society behaves like a living organism, it translates natural laws upon itself as well.

In this period The Eastern Roman Empire along with the Muslim World thrived in every aspect: scientific, cultural, artistic. The Holy Catholic Church took the matters in their own hands, and attempted to intervene in the affairs of the catholic monarchies on the old continent in order to proclaim dominion over them, and of course over the masses.

At the turn of the centuries (10th and 11th), the Catholic Church had proclaimed pax Dei (God’s Peace), a peaceful movement lead in God’s name, which lead to treuga Dei (God’s Truce). This movement had spread among the catholic monarchies in Europe, proclaiming that if any catholic monarch attacks another, than he’s to be an enemy of God, that is to say, an enemy of the religion. The Holy Church had used this peaceful movement to its causes, to proclaim dominion over catholic christian Europe. Right after that, in these peaks of prosper in the Dark Ages the church proclaimed the formation of unity among all catholic monarchies in Europe, thus forming corpus christianorum (Christian Body), being equal to corpus christi (The body of Christ).

With the destruction of the Church of the Holy Grave in Jerusalem, the ruler al-Hakim provoked a response of catholic Europe, and soon after Jerusalem had been controlled by the European monarchies, succeeding the First Crusade. At the end of the 12th century, the great leader Salahudin returned The Holy Land in Muslim hands once again, after which the English King Richard “The Lion Heart” started the Third Crusade which brought several coastal cities in today’s Syria and Lebanon in christian hands, but not the city of Jerusalem. I’m just going to mention the Second Crusade lead by the French Monarch Louis VII, which ended up in a total fiasco.

Since than, and many millennia before, the Middle East is drowning in its own blood; all of this because of several stones that are deemed “Holy” by all of us…

The last contemporary inter – christian conflict, occurred in 1999 with the bombardment of Yugoslavia by the NATO Alliance. At the turn of the last century the entire Western World entered the new century enjoying peace among each other, and decided to spread “democracy” all over Middle East, using means like: Arab Spring, aggressive negotiations, destruction and upgrading the term collateral damage to some new meaning which none of us understands anymore.


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