Monday, August 11, 2014

A courtyard to her

With a breath of fresh spring I quiver finding the path to all my secret seas. This tireless blackness has surrounded both eyes; but the body withstands any challenge, occupied with a smile, standing tall in pride like a mountain across the wind. That golden hair defies the character by enhancing the soul, enabling both of them to rise in an unbound growth. Large beasts have settled deep in the body, and the soul can’t contain its spread, yearning to explode from the flesh; and the body hinders it with mild, pleasant unrest… oh, those seductive charms of pleasures ;)

Nothing feels the same anymore, so I spoke to time; for only it knows what truth is and what myth. Some truths last engraved in us from the very beginnings. Nothing feels the same anymore…

The entire complexity of existence, all that overwhelming effort of: the brain, the soul and eventually the body; serve me only as a courtyard to her. From her glance everything is suddenly created. Originating from nothingness, existing only for secret travellers, curious drifters – those like us.

And now, I find myself hesitating while I grab this razor to complete my satisfying shave… I rise from a dream in this dozy morning, but it seems to me like something I’ve seen before, something I’ve felt already:) And this thankful curse to remember everything returns the feeling in my head, much more intense than ever before. I am but a comet, leaving a visible trail of all this love I can hardly contain. With days which pleasantly last as thousands of years, love only embers in my time; degrading it only into oblivion, to become lost and meaningless – time is almost worthless. 

I silently whisper with a most satisfied smile, preparing myself for the day to come: “Nothing feels the same anymore, and this life… is most certainly worth of writing;)”

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