Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Erotica of these summer days

Things are self explanatory; a subsequent niche expressed through countless processes of beautiful and breathtaking events consisted of: colours of the rainbow, sounds, scents, warmth, people, light, noise. We perceive them with our senses gifted to us as precious blessings by evolution. Those things which occur all around are enhanced through the sensation they bring to light in us, from them we create: poetry, music, visual arts, feelings. Erotica of the inconsistency of existence, it beckons…

Those scents made of thousands of memories which need to be forged out of those enchanting attributes in our bodies. All those sparkling jewels of our appearance, the charms of the presence – a raw beauty of our naked existence. We beckon…

The motives are pure, they allure. Our patience is full of impatience. This restlessness extends deep to the bone marrow, it’s chasing us. This is our build, the base of the structure that is named – Us!

And that’s why sleeping is no longer an option!

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