Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Melting bliss... and grapes;)

I forever stand tall on this peak created by man, sincere as much as a small sun can be. Revealed as the entire heavens above, there is not a single tower left in my fortress, where I haven’t let you in.

You and me… you’re the sky and I’m your bird. You’re the freedom and I’m your wind. I exist for you, for you give me "only" satisfaction in finding my meaning and existence.

But I’ve found home for my soul and peace, it lies deep within your chest. It has the scent of your pretty white skin, and beats just like your brave heart does.

Nothing can be ever compared to those sweet dear juices of your body. Your gaze fulfilled with such a pretty soul, and manners of a sweet tender princess. You plant beauty everywhere you show up, for your spirit is created out of the essence of love. Raised, caressed and fondled for all times, day and night…

Let’s have some wine, nurturing our naked bodies, kissing into a melting bliss. Let’s eat some grapes in bed that I’ve prepared just for us. Let’s never be in the heavens, or on the ground; let’s be where those angels within us desire. To care just to care, and to live only out of love and sweet delights;)

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