Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why change the world...? when we only need to understand it;)

Changes are natural order of things, they simply and unavoidably exist as a self explanatory process. These transformations occur as a consequential evolution of the niche of events, implemented into our psyche and consciousness by means of cybernetic feedbacks. Changes cause bifurcations in the (nearly) harmonic timeline, knots which alter the perspective of reality and the outcome of any future events – shape of things to come. These unknowable and unpredictable causalities brought to life are discrepancies and paradoxes of living, fluctuations in the lifelines, an alluring process we like to enjoy… and we enjoy them as much only because they're not determent, never set in stone or an absolute.

We, the people, are direct product of creativity of nature, a solid consequence of its imagination to perform marvels and execute miracles. And just like any other natural collective out there, we are as well considered to be an object of change, reshape and evolution. However, we are collective also consisted of stubborn nature, defiance and inertia; so these changes are implemented much more subtle onto us, but implemented nonetheless. This essence defines us, as a bloom bringing novel promises, as a smile soaring!

From the tips of the skin, down to the tiniest parts of the marrow... from the edges of the brain down to the smallest bits of data stored…

We are all fragments of each other, consisting the better part of us;)

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