Monday, September 29, 2014

Need a revolution

I smell cold… the freeze outside is leading me toward hibernation. Nostalgia truly is a strange thing. Look, winter is coming...

All metabolisms work as if they don’t work at all, the speeds of the city are much slower than the speed of light, all perspectives of reality don’t change in a trance region like they do in summer, nights are long enough to do everything what’s desired in them;) and the little bear cubs, absolutely don’t care for anything at all.

Just like in every other season before, we’re complicated yet again. We post reaction to each action, we foresee and invent situations, we solve equations for each perspective at the same time building plans within plans… We use words to describe ourselves and by retelling stories we try to move things all around.

It seems to me as if most of us are magically projected in large bodies with brand new minds:)

What we need is a courage to admit that we’re completely out of control! We enjoy our liberties? Well aren’t we humans all, we love revolutions!