Monday, October 27, 2014

The way back!

The condition of chaos will be always a result as a consequence of our negligence, which arises from our weakness that allows disorders to group into chaos. Chaos as an appearance has a tendency to be cumulative, and at a certain moment it overwhelms our life styles and affects everything and anything in our surrounding: relationships we treasure with other people, level of stress, work efficiency, love, ability for shopping, individual frustrations or chauvinism, the altogether collective of feelings, short term and long term memory, and what not…

This is so because of the fatigue we inherit in our days, accumulated by so many things: mobbing, shopping, empty sex, concern for our material condition and assets, TV, misuse of the internet, a tendency toward individualization and so on. I guess if the day/night cycle would last for 29 hours straight, we might find a way to connect one end with the other, in order to create a simple beginning:) our western ways…

So, what do we do then? We come to a conclusion that solving this chaotic state is an Odysseyan endeavour, our lazy nature prevails and at the very beginning we give up from creating order out of chaos; thus letting ourselves to the global flow… we find a way out as a compromise encouraged by our affinity to show laziness and aversion toward the resistance and struggle against the slaughter of creation, reason and culture. We strive to accept line of no resistance which changes us beyond recognition, up to the point when we feel nothing but contempt toward the newly created egos. At the beginning we are ashamed to accept the shape of what we’ve become, however around the human psyche and ego orbits an entire universe, so we come to learn to live with our shame by creating an elaborated illusion that the defeat of our humanity is in fact a victory; living on learning absolutely nothing… it's much easier to cherish the gold of a good lie, than to go down the road made of thorns and seek for the truth. We comfort ourselves finding solace in the fact that in old age, we eventually forget everything:)

We accept a condition of latent and indolent peace created on the foundations and the principles of chaos, living our everlasting status quo, in an inability to dream, live or discover our true potentials. We experience a complete shutdown, total melting of the ego and everything which consist it: ambition, desire, feelings, human drive; suddenly our cortex is reduced to a reptilian level (which in a world like this might be a good thing:) so we could never again enjoy the fruits of the evolution originating in the upgrade of the mammalian and primate nerve structure.

So that reptilians could dominate the planet, once again after 45 million years!

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