Sunday, November 23, 2014

Lady from the North:*

I’ve been raised as a cosmopolitan, and throughout these long years of my youth I’ve been taught to be nothing but polite gentleman, a man who strives in his manhood to be chevalier in all spheres of his lifeline. My story comes from love, raised in love, alive only for love. Here, in this upbringing of mine, my ability to love exists as my most profound foundation, my own identification; my love for all, not just for women or men, but for all living souls. I’m not trying to brag about my qualities or faults, though modesty is not my strong side; what I’m attempting to explain to you in words is that which is only meant to feel:*

I like your caution and your careful steps, after all, hearts get hurt and broken; they start to question and think… I understand this far too well, I love it slow and gentle;) I know that your decisions were hard to make, but I’m absolute in your strong will and your impulse; this is so because past shapes us somehow, and seeing you who you actually are now, I have nothing but lovable admiration just for you. Your innocent display of emotions thrills me, leaving me even more amazed in you; because that long lost innocence of mine is what I strive to find, somewhere hidden in the shape of things to come. I’m never going to find it in me again, there’s no redemption for the things I’ve done; but I’ll do anything and everything to preserve you the way you are… a gentle reminder of the qualities which make me complete, qualities which I lack and find them in you… you, the bigger part of me; you, the better part of me!

In the smile of your full blue eyes I see my echo. From your full down lip, I’d like to suck my life force. Your ears are only meant for my whispers. I see myself recreated by your touch, restored and renewed by you, only for you… bring me your fiery blood, in your sweet inside allow me to find myself, let my soul be named after you…

You see, my fair lady from the north… I do understand you… get comfortable, choose your tempo of walk, create your rhythm of dance, as long as you dance… towards me, closer to me, into me;)

… what I’m attempting to explain to you in words is that which is only meant to feel:*

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