Friday, November 21, 2014

Made of stars

We’re no longer people, no longer mortals. We’ve become white angels; you, with breasts of a goddess with juices sweeter than happiness… and I, with a strength of a half god mightier than the ember of the flame. Both fairer than the sky and more beautiful than mercy; more mystical than the Moon and noble like two young Suns.

You and I, two drops in the vast ocean, intertwined one in another by the endless pressure of the modest depths, inseparable… creating the one – Us.

I’m the one who no longer lingers all alone like a dry branch in a desolate region. With a face damaged from time, there is a soul in me able to gather two worlds; for that soul is not longer mine, it’s named after you; and not your given name, but the name you’ve earned – Beauty. Aching to hide you from the eternal cold and the jealous dark. The two of us, one single flame creating light and warmth in a place where not even the heavens are capable to see.

I no longer sleep in a dream, for I live only in magic of old. No more sorrow, and tears are only those of joy. Look up above, we’re made of stars; you’re Andromeda, and I’m your Perseus.

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