Saturday, November 15, 2014

White light and white noise;)

She appeared out of thin air, materializing out of nowhere as if she had a secret gadget in her tiny cute purse, dropping in as a tall gorgeous blonde delightful treat. I’m descendant of those alchemists of old, we still keep a secret or two buried somewhere in the mists of the thought; and yet I can’t fully understand how she actually did that… ah women;) How many qualities am I able to attach to her right now; is she actually from the future, my cosmic girl…? Nonetheless she’s such a surprise, and I thought I was old for surprises. I love that feeling when I’m wrong. And I’m not going to think for a second more how I got this lucky, I’m not going to waste a moment not chasing her. Oh, you just got to have luck with women, and I do have my share… well, I enjoy the share for several other guys, but who wants to think about that right now:)

Please, just don’t listen to the voices in my head; who wants to enter in that wretched labyrinth of twisted thoughts and depraved images… I know I wouldn’t dare to go there…

So, she sits in the chair right next to me, without even asking if she can join me, sliding her derriere like that chair was actually made just for her. She knows me only too well, I like intrepid in an arrogant woman, she’s got guts… damn I remember those:) She crosses her long legs, and in that tight short dress of hers they do appear even longer. Now, that’s the meaning of the phrase legs for days… damn I thought I was old for learning, but you know that I like when I’m wrong. I couldn’t help to continue measuring her up for size, I needed a remembrance of everything I’d lost when we left each other several months ago, I wanted to suffer from jealousy, I needed this craving for self torture.

Oh, look right there… she’s becoming even more inviting, or is this in my head…? After all, I do have a condition... nonetheless I act on it. I remembered her ankles, so I lean in to her as if I want to whisper something gently in her ear. I adore to be indiscrete in discrete places, so I start moving my finger tips gently on her skin from her ankles up to her inner thigh. That soft within soft, now I remember it again:) She’s uncomfortable, thinking we’re being watched by others. Then again, I’m one of those tall skinny apes; I know how to appear decent in indecent places. She sees that I conceal my hand under the table so skillfully with my body, like a puppet master holding a dummy arm on the side:) And she’s wrong… damn I like when a woman is wrong; for the obvious reasons;) What can I say, the mask I have is only one, and practicing magic does come from my interest in the occult. Damn, now I can see she remembers the occult, she blushes;) ah, women and blushing; so obvious to me:) And we talk all this time, you know me... I can talk, and make even mining iron sound so sexy and inviting;)

One might say that this could be love that we both feel in this close excitement of ours. One might think that this is how second chances look like, with hope and rebirth. If you ask us both right now, we’d tell you that we’ll end up together like in the end of Eraserhead (you know, the movie with that awkward looking fella and his normal looking hair:) when the guy with the strange walk meets the lady from the radiator… and they evolve into something better, brighter and louder… when she becomes white light and he’s the white noise. And they live together until the end when everything becomes black and silent, all of a sudden?

Well that’s not what it happened for the obvious reasons, well known to the both of us. We just ended up having some good, quality time;)

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