Wednesday, December 10, 2014

3:30 am

In those times of old, your presence in my dreams marked the true meaning of joy, laughter, happiness, hope… a hand showing me the path ahead.

All that I have now is the loss, my pain, empty despair… tear, tears… for you, my mountain… black… Only to become a shell of myself, a witness of living, an inertial force…

And yet, in that cold darkness, there’s also something sweet beneath it: your aura, the essence of the merciful you, your grace… this smile you send me, even in death – obedient with my will… creating a pillar that is me, consisted of you, everything that you once were, what we could both become. And why I live so intrepidly and full? … only because of you, trying to breathe for two – for you and me:)

I’ll come visit you in the morning, will bring you fresh flowers…

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