Friday, February 20, 2015

Rhythms of Life

Pinching impulses in the cortex, something like endless waves on the shores of my consciousness. Always creating and working out of time, this tireless gear transmission resistant to the grinding force of abrasion. Wireless thoughts of new beginnings welcoming as the dawn itself, seductively promising horizons beyond a horizon. This place is on the edges of reason, where voices holler feelings; there things exist restructured down to their scents – elemental parts creating the one dome that is me.

In such a place of the mind beings are without form. There, contours of the body are no more. Because the spirit is weightless and it’s composed of a mix of nameless colors; a niche of perception pulsating with energy as if it’s reborn every time, traveling from one heartbeat to the other. And with each succeeding pulse it gets louder and brighter, just for the thrill because it can;)

Rhythms of life… and somewhere in there – the beginning of who I am!

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