Sunday, August 2, 2015

Alchemy of the heart

Slowly browsing through the modulations of my radio, carefully listening in an attempt to decipher the static. Receiving indistinctive sounds, inconclusive in their chaotic vigor; waves upon waves scratching their way to me, dissolved into the air. Dialect of a mystical ancient madness forever forgotten in some naive past, long before we realized the concept of mixing tenses. Form of speech from a thirsty silhouette, located nowhere, existing out of time; sending me message in a bottle, a silent secret of some sort, secret told to no one, never heard by anyone. Region full only with truth beyond intellect, an essence of every religion invented by man, metaphysical axiom of existence… pursue of every true alchemist of the heart! 

Now I know that thought is no longer a thought, because it’s transformed into a feeling, deeper urge…

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