Monday, August 10, 2015

Hunters and gatherers

Perception is grown and nurtured, changing constantly, moving from shape to shape, increasing in volume and mass. In other incidents it’s shrinking into something, maybe nothing. Either way, perception is a gate of the soul. Through that opening it creates forms of the soul, beautiful or deformed; in any case, predictable only in a probability, as a percentage – a part of the whole.

So, we become expeditors of dreams, or not. No matter whatever happens, we become a collection of consequences, sometimes with reasons sometimes without. By abusing the dilatation of time we strive to gather memories and rearrange them according to our liking, we accept or deny people, we chase for ideals and goals, we hunt for prey… we are fragments of everything and anything, many districts in a single person – the beauty of human existence!

Any which way, it’s all very simple actually… after so many eons passed, thousands of generations of mosaic evolution… and we’re still hunters and gatherers :)

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