Monday, August 3, 2015


Magic is reign of the soul, a horizon at the far end of things, high above all kingdoms of heaven, far beyond deepest tars of hell. She places ground into those remote layers of air, a ground where human imagination begins to roam free… this realm of the soul, out of time and beyond dimensions, endless – just like the soul herself.

Magic is revealed for the naked eye, all she requires is having a little faith, she feeds and grows only on faith. Through thin strings she connects daydreaming with reality and dreams with all waken worlds, she’s a clear border separating apart lies from the single truth – because truth has no plural.

A condition, this affinity to be seduced by the source of all colors, and for the life of me – I am seduced! Magic can be only defined as charms and beauty, imperfect and incomplete, as they’re meant to be!

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