Saturday, August 15, 2015

She comes first, and then the Sun;)

She comes as a surprise, welcome as it is. With such an angelic fragility and totality only in beauty she moves the ground beneath my feet, so that I can be closer and closer to her. And she writes her name all over me, so that I can be hers and hers alone. When she sees, she sees exactly what I see; and when she feels, she feels me, and I can only feel her. An attraction of all my senses, seduction of this total me - and she slowly and inexorably becomes that force which connects all of my cells together…

She’s no dream… she’s realization of dreams, a solid proof that love takes shape.


  1. This is writing at its finest
    I enjoyed reading it , in fact I didn't just hear it I felt the energy and emotion behind it. Love is perfectly imperfect, once its felt you can't un-know what you are now in the presence of!