Saturday, August 22, 2015

That dream we used to dream together

Sun was in the middle of the sky, so low on the horizon and so close to the ground as if it wanted to touch it and warm it a little more – exactly like in any other winter day. Weak, pure white light was nearly everywhere. The snow beneath my feet was crispy, and I was still; there was no movement, only chilling breath filling my lungs. I stood tall and defeated in front of a shoe store, waiting for her.

Suddenly, I noticed her pale shadow as a reflection in the glass. She approached me with some form of smile on her pretty face. I still looked at her image in the window with craving in nostalgia, as if she was made of that dream we used to dream together.

She got close, real close behind me… I could feel her warm breath on my frosty naked neck. My fallen angel, my lost princess – that naked love I felt no more…

Lost in the middle of that cruel frosty winter day, I turned around to kiss her in the cheek, and her figure slowly disappeared right in front of my eyes. I tried to hold her, but my hands passed through her. Her appearance became paler than her reflection in the shop window. Somehow she disappeared into nothingness right in front of my eyes. 

So, my eyes became full with tears, and I said it was the cold to blame for… I deliberately lied to her, my treachery knows no bounds…