Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A place of the soul that is called angel

Common REM simulations, eyes move under closed eyelids, random orders from the brain claim dominion. They arouse the body by using fragmentary thoughts and memories, or sometimes by abusing deranged wishes and desires. A dream that lasts as a breath in real time, but thorough as an entire age in this region of the mind. And this is how we achieve immortality, by living thousands of years in one.

We breathe in this perpetual duality of existence, in the place of the soul that is called angel, where waken thought is being created showing us the path to all of our secret seas in this life. There we sail into waves of alluring mystic crossing the nonexistent border between what’s ethereal and that which is deemed as real. Life becomes blessing, a region of magic..

And this shadow has been killed a long time ago, just like Corto’s… and all I have left are my dreams – and they’re chasing!