Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I woke up in motion

I woke up in motion… sun is not giving in, a sweet reminder that summer is still here. This concrete jungle is still brewing, ever changing and dictating a beat of its own. Even in this vastly polluted environment nature is present through a complexity, conditions and systems created by us. The human hive is restless, always rushing and moving in a trance region, trying to adapt, chasing; dependant on the interaction between ourselves. This city becomes an effect of countless simultaneous processes guided only by our imagination and needs. Our need for more, relentless law of our nature pushing us somewhere, anywhere, elsewhere. Global evolution of life deprived of symmetry, unstable and coincident, irreversible by means of entropy… unknown picturesque fundaments of who we are, of where we’re going.

I woke up in motion… this city is calling me, so I leave my high hide and storm out exactly in the middle of it :)

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