Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Miracles happen - they conquer...

In the basic structure we’re thoughtful beings. We reason, strive toward choice, we solve, build and create… so, intellectually we go somewhere. Beneath all of our intellectual potentials we’re only emotional creatures – we feel, act and react. And once in a blue moon, miracles happen – they conquer…

… in comes this creature in form of a woman, angel and demon exactly in the proportion I simply adore. It took me only a moment to recognize her. I wasn’t looking for what she represents, nonetheless she came, kind of felt invited and I didn’t even have to invite her. She accepts willingly this total composition of harmony and chaos that I’m made of. She loves and holds deep under her skin, every single creature that I represent. With her graces and fury she snatches me, and takes me away in a world within this world – in the cupola of us two.

So, I react and she becomes the single most important thing. Every single moment without her is passed in waiting... So, I’m all in!

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