Wednesday, September 30, 2015

... some call them fairies

Shadows of the Moon gently enter my room. They fill all this empty space with tender play, giving colours to the air, in another dark night full with mystic. Deep silence echoes from the shadows giving them form; while in that secret spot where they attain their shape, one can hear a gentle resounding of peace, heavenly sound originating from the creation of all that enchantment. It’s strange how the spirits of the Moon are created from silence and dark.

They don’t show themselves for many, they’re shy like tender dandelions and fragile like snowflakes. When they’re created in front of the tenderness of a man, they stay beside him giving melody to his silence, offering him a guiding beat to the rhythm of his heart; irrevocably becoming that solace which is lacking, nesting in his dreaming soul to offer him the long wanted embrace. They circle around him creating shell of love, protecting him like a butterfly in a tender hand, while the man’s exploring his potentials in deep dreams.

…some call them fairies

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