Monday, October 5, 2015

Edges of ourselves

World of people is a fantastic place, an imperfect deformed ball circling chaotically in coincidence around its own balance. Celestial body defined for fruits of evolution, us – all mammals. In a state of unfinished thought we live in a seemingly harmonic dream: humans, mermaids and large wails – altogether. Many of the creatures glow with unseen light and unconcealed ember, as if they’re bright suns trapped in bodies with skin, bones and grey brain mass.

But not everything can be described with this immature growth and negligible uplift. Half perfect, we roam this world existing in an unnoticed condition by anyone so far. We strive to discover our building materials, the capabilities of our cells. We seek to find edges of prisons of the thought and of the spirit, cages we never admitted they exist, haunting us in a form of past, experience, memories, unrest and half decayed thoughts inherited in our genes.

It seems that what we are, and all of those things which compose us, manage to give us perspectives full only with contradictions…