Monday, October 26, 2015


 I walk barefoot, trying to get anywhere, elsewhere. Upset by unknown forces, this strange murmur in my gene pool becomes my only guide. Subtle gentle whispers reaching surface, cues of somebody else’s memories, inherited fruits of ancient knowledge, engraved faith, reminders to be human above all else. Senses sharpen, warmth reaches peaks and Arcadian feelings come to rise, they become thick, gain substance and achieve form; imposing themselves and claim dominion in this hectic excerpt of life. So agitation is subversively transformed into excitement, when the soul wants only what’s good for her.

And this soul knows only too well...  elsewhere is where I am – an asset worth any treasure. So, I bite a lip…


  1. a beautiful and honest piece. Somehow it's quite calming to read this poetic prose of yours.

    anyway, you may like this:
    maybe you can find it connected to you.