Saturday, October 17, 2015

Seas of love

Entire sea exhausted by silent views, sediment from calm fatigue in themselves, mute thoughts from blunt feelings; yet plans within plans, plans to get nowhere very fast. Ideals that serve as reminders of trimmed shadows standing before their destroyer, forgotten beyond recognition by themselves, ambushed with lies, discarded to nonexistence. Radicals, who aim to liberate people from everything, even love itself.

And at the bottom of that lost sea remains but a single drop, secretly defying existence; a proof that, in some golden times, there used to be a vast infinite sea. Drop created only from memories, wrapped in itself in an ideal sphere, jealously wishing to preserve those identity boundaries, borders distinguishing it from the nothingness that has surrounded it so strongly with pressure from all sides... becoming a secret sea, a sea only for itself.

And somewhere in the centre of its fragile making, there lies trapped substance of women, fatal as they are; women… breaking everything into pieces putting all back together again, just to break everything in pieces all over again. But that’s the least reason why not to love!

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