Thursday, October 1, 2015

Worlds inside people

The head is in a clamp, pressed and oppressed by lies from the one side and more lies on the other. A subversive mean to occupy everything that describes us as human, whispering us to close our minds and become erasers; build a unique endemic region with sick traps, and let thought die there. To be human should be a sin. These subliminal perversions are aiming to arrest us in front of the media and nail us on it, watch it with envy as life goes by… when the only ruling force in this world is hunger.

But… our kind is kind, young, curious and brave, and we promise a lot. We know that understanding and compassion bring joy, that knowledge is an omen of survival, and that love for others is the driving force of things. Our future depends on how much we get acquainted with ourselves. Those worlds inside people!

Reminders that man has fully developed in what he truly is, just to stand amazed.

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