Saturday, January 9, 2016

Detonation of beauty

A power play comes to rise, aggressive expansion of different soul states in an attempt to impose rule over the entity… unbalanced outcome of thoughts versus emotions changing everything, reshaping identity into multi phased condition – infinite numbers roaming free in a single crumb of dust trapped on the eyelash. Dormant senses are awaken, genetic code is somehow enriched. Such fresh planes of imagination define new marvelous perspectives, a subtle halo of divinity in reveries awaits undreamed before my hungry soul.

Light becomes a herald of blinding light, supreme and fulfilling by definition… right now, when Cosmos is the body, of which the Sun is its soul; and we are the soul within – a soul protected by another soul. Fatefully tangled in symbiosis, connected through love, different parts create a single life form – all people, everywhere, as a reason of growth of the soul defining us who we are.

Detonation of beauty all over again, returned smile reinforcing the concept of joy many times over… and over again:)

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