Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Enough is enough...

It’s easy to remember the way things are meant to be, across the plain of how truly they exist. We get lost in conclusions, remarks, contemplations, chauvinism… eyes are here to perceive without prejudice, without expression of judgment in them; it should be even easier to remember that we ought to remain human. This world is a consequence of what we are, of who we are. All values of our humanity come to rise now, when hope has forsaken all lands that we know of. In ferocious times as this, when even winter has succumbed and lost its teeth, we must be that threshold against malice and eerie premonitions. There comes a day, when enough is enough…

Inter human linking stands proudly against slow dissipation of rust subversively carried within isolation and alienation. We are expressive, abstract creatures guided by curiosity, attracted by beauty. To explore the full potentials of our evolution, the capacity to make even the skies jealous… that’s who we are, what we are!


  1. enigma and radical thoughts oozing out of a concerned heart against assumed perfections of not only the polity she found herself inevitably part of but endogenously inventing her own spiritual equilibrium from the vestiges of standard human form which the last evolutionary biology left unadaptable as a dynamic abstract mind power which should have been resourceful for dealing or coping with idiosyncrasies of everyday of every millennium till another prophet show up.gbemi tjmst

  2. frankly speaking and warily put down here I don't know you from Adam other than this e-chat, BOOK & wRITERS THRU dAVID I have not seen any NEGATIVE aspect OF WHAT YOU TAGGED CULTIC elsewhere in your robustly hilarious and philosophy-laden blog .I wish you make something out of this peculiar online platform not just to restore human dignity but to lay it bare to moralists without righteousness that nakedness of body and mind thoughts are not synonymous to frivolities and disrespect for individuality which doesn't harm others.I wish you enough courage and boosters along the exciting journey littered with anthology of harvests. in my country back home in Africa anything cultic is labelled as repugnant & should be ostracized. Yours is notably rooted on an array of philosophical values which ought to have been activated to coexist with both the queer and the rustic and the Leonie sexually unsaturated beings & encourage the breeding of naturally unfettered creativity and more noble mindset capable of continuing rehabilitation of deviants if any in a given commune or county ....I confess I have not even read nor blog I/1000000th portion of Natura Principia,Kordoski s creation.
    pps.she s a thoughtful intellectual however libidinal her Gifs are anytime any day she has deeper desirefor fulfilment than coital orgasm longing which has eluded millions of women because they don't explore their total endowment nor speak up to their partners when the time for bed sports is about to reach its plateau phase and suffering in silence is perpetuated unnecessarily.Wither both genders sexual pleasure within & beyond procreation calling. gtjmst 8.8.18

    1. where we’re headed, has always depended on our ability to dream, or even better, the ability to expedite dreams into reality. Knowledge and wisdom come from: creativity, imagination and magic. Human soul thrives in liberty and freedom, it is not a region of conquest or enslavement.