Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kowloon of the Heart

There exists a functioning melancholy, depraved nostalgia for days that once upon a time began and have never met their resolution; "all in" days where burning is an essential necessity, just because it’s an option. Even back then, in the early beginnings of that wicked state of kink when fetish was a prescription for all behavioral anomalies, there was a craving for something more… something more free, more twisted, much more erotic…

A liberating thing desired in dark novels, written out there, among the streets with no name. This loose thing nested deep in the burnt circuits of the soul, and there faced its rebirth into an opposition to all senseless things, an omen starting a catalytic reaction aiming to seduce the entire vicinity of the psychology, a force awakening all voices on the inside at once. Disorder of plenty, derivation of mind contagion so profound, unable to recognize existence of borders, even in extensive contrasts in depravity of existence.

A free state of being, where addiction for curiosity is the guiding rule of law. Here, there’s no here, this is not a place, it’s who we are, it’s what we’ve been living for all this time. Technological evolution intertwined with biological senses, imposing new forms of cognition; binary thinking, as an interlink creating a new whole – man machine. An electronic beat as a precursor of blood stream, information as a reason of flow…

In a chase for ultimate freedom of being, we live through neo occult transformations in a world ruled by digital alchemy. Pushed to this limit, in the Kowloon of the heart, where things are no longer things, they’re vices… it’s cyberpunk!

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