Sunday, July 24, 2016

Stories of a wicked alchemist

There is that thunder with a lightning coming inside your well mannered self, all of a sudden, out of nowhere... it occupies your full strength leaving you weak, terminating your clear line of thought replacing it with confusion, bringing unrest and stealing your sleep, seducing your conscience and rearranging your usual harmonious set of feelings according to something depraved, deeply fucking occult… knock knock –  it’s me;)

And you see me across you, bright as day, speaking fluently your language, hearing everything you’ve always longed to hear from the lips of a tall handsome man. So this wicked alchemist obeys, I may be thoroughly lying because of the twisted need to have plans wrapped in more dirty plans, nonetheless I fucking obey. Then again, I have a condition... so what!?

The fiend that is me eagerly wants to savagely rape the introvert inside you, seduce you with borderless freedoms, I aim for corruption. This is not your diminishment into full darkness… this is the ninth gate of the kingdom of shadows opening your true potentials, unraveling the person you’re truly meant to be.


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